Choose your own adventure

On Saturday afternoon, from roughly 1 to 5 p.m., we're offering six different activities in and around Portland. Take a look at the available options and, when you register, choose only one you'd like to do. You may also skip out and opt to do your own thing. Excursions will involve lunch somewhere out, which is not included in the price of the activity.


Beer Crawl

With our myriad craft breweries, you can't just try one. Portland boasts 70 breweries within city limits--unfortunately, you won't try them all in one afternoon. We'll meet at one location and then walk to two or three others in the same area, probably either in NW or inner SE Portland. 

Cost: Free (except the price of your beer)


contemplative spirituality

If you need to slow down from the flurry of events and extroversion, considering taking the afternoon to engage Spirit. Ben Barczi will lead an afternoon of thoughtful reflection, which will include a session learning more about yourself through the Ennegram, and may also involve walking a beautiful labryinth at Trinity Episcopal. It's the perfect break in the day before the big evening BBQ.

Cost: Free


Escape room adventure

If you've never done an escape room, you're missing out! You and your friends are locked into a themed room (aliens! zombies! killers!) and try to get out using only your cunning and the clues provided. It's like living in a puzzle. The theme of our escape room is still TBD, but it's bound to be a blast! 

Cost: $30 (cost of ticket)


Nature Hike outside Portland

Want to get out of Portland and see the amazing forests everyone is talking about? We'll drive a carload (or two) of folks out to one of the city's great hiking trails for a half-day hike. Trees guaranteed; there may also be waterfalls or sweeping views. Hike may be moderate in difficulty. Remember to bring water and wear proper walking clothes.

Cost: $5 (to help pay for gas)


NW City Walk & Mini Hike

After lunch we'll start off at Powell's Bookstore, where we'll stop for a few minutes to tour. We'll then ride the street car to the Alphabet District, where we'll take a short hike through Forest Park (about 2 miles). We'll end at Blue Star Donuts on 23rd Street, a popular shopping district. You can walk 23rd on your own or take the street car home. It's a nice overview of the neighborhood if you've never been. Although the route it easy, it will be a lot of walking (about 5 miles).

Cost: Free (bring $2 for street car)


Paddle Board / Kayak

Why yes, you can go in the Willamette River! Just south of Downtown, we'll rent some paddle boards and kayaks and hop in the river for a day of outdoor adventure. Rentals are for two hours and you can choose either a paddle board or a kayak. Get nature along with great city views. 

Cost: $28 for kayak or $32 for paddle board

FYI: The GenEdge retreat has nothing to do with the blog Modern Kinship.

It's just a site we had available where we could host this registration for free!