This year we are selling virtual "tickets" for each activity so that you can pay in advance and we don't have to worry about collecting cash throughout the weekend. You must purchase a "ticket" to attend an event.

After filling out this form, please make your payment to David Khalaf to confirm your spot. Unfortunately, this is not high-tech, so you can't pay through the form. Instead, you'll have manually send your money to Dave via PayPal, Venmo, or Bank of America after submitting this form.

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Evening Events *
Choose all you intend to attend. These are the two big social events of the weekend. Most folks will be attending both.
Saturday Excursion *
Choose only one. If it's full, we'll let you know. To get a description of the excursions, go here. Add the cost of your excursion to the total at the bottom.
We'll do our best to accommodate you.
Add up your total and list it below. For example, Friday night ($15) + Saturday night ($19) + Kayak ($28) = $62
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Once you have submitted, you should then make payment via PayPal, Venmo, or Bank of America.

Please pay within 48 hours of your registration. Thank you!




FYI: The GenEdge retreat has nothing to do with the blog Modern Kinship.

It's just a site we had available where we could host this registration for free!